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Six articles will lead you to deep understanding of Arima Onsen, with full of tips to maximize the cultural benefits of your visits.

Directory & Map

Here are simple directions for Arima vistiors, you can find and pick where to stay, eat, shop according to your plan. There are also more information about public services. Please check your direction with maps if you were lost in Arima.

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2nd: A traditional celebration where you can witness of a procession from Onsen-ji to Arima Elementary School’s cultural auditorium, and geisha dressed as Yuna(Onsen cordinators) stir up the springs. This ceremony has been carried out since the Edo Period, and is a show of gratitude for god and the prosperity of the springs




2nd: In Arima it is a day of ghosts, and long ago there was a man among the Yuna, so on this day you can see men dressed as Geisha, and in costume, about the town.

Plan Your Trip

Now it’s time to make your own plan in Arima Onsen. Where, when and how to visit, there are full information you will need. 1hr trip from Kyoto, Osaka and Himeji, 2hr trip from KIX, the trip to Arima Onsen is now becoming much shorter than you imagine.